Daily workouts

Your body won't change unless your workouts do. Everyday you'll have new workouts to help you reach your goals of weight loss and/or muscle gain.

Video instruction

Our workouts include instructional videos and expert tips. You'll see exactly how to perform each exercise properly just as if you had a trainer with you.

Expert knowledge

Over the years we've compiled the best foods for weight loss and/or muscle gain. You'll also have access to hundreds of questions with expert answers.

Made for mobile

We designed our app for smart phones, tablets and desktop computers. Weather you're at home, at the gym or traveling, you'll always have a virtual coach.

Fits any budget

At only $5 per month, our program is far from expensive. But don't let the price fool you, we work really hard to maintain a quality rich, effective experience.

Proven results

That's right. We've been coaching people for many years. We've proven successful with all of our clients who've committed to changing their lives.

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P1K boot camp

Designed for people of all ages who are activity rich and time poor. This is the program that made Power1K famous. Join the thousands of people who changed their lives by changing their bodies. Take back control with our easy to follow at home workouts and access to fitness professionals who are here to answer your questions.


Back in the game

Designed for men ages 25-40. Are you strapped for time? No problem. We've designed 3 and 4 day routines to fit any busy schedule. You will get toned and build strength every week. Quit thinking of the past, let's make more golden years. You, my friend, need to get back in the game. Power1K is your ticket to change. There's no better time than now.


Get big with Bob

Designed for men ages 18-25. Tired of busting your ass in the gym and not getting results? Pack on the muscle with Bob Mathews' personal workout routine. He was a scrawny track runner who never got noticed. Now you can't miss him. Are you ready to get noticed? Use our proven, time tested system. It's systematic and works for everyone.

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